stand up paddle ( S.U.P )

Stand up paddle ( S.U.P )

Location de Kayak et SUP

1 to 11 people


1 SUP 13€
Location 2 heures
1 SUP 24€
Location 4 heures
1 SUP 40€
Location journée
1 SUP 60€
Location 5 jours
1 SUP 200€


SUP is a sporty and funny activity that is done by standing on a board which is larger than a longboard surf, with a paddle.
It can be done by everyone at all ages, the only condition is to know how to swim.

SUP is a very complete physical activity to make yor body work in harmony by using almost every muscular group. 

It solicits the core, empowering abs and dorsal muscles and supports the spinal strength.
SUP is also excellent for your balance and proprioception enahancement. 

How it works

departure from the scaffa rossa beach or from the adventure park’s riverside


board, leash, paddle

Good to know


Meeting place

Parc de la Solenzara, Kamiesch T10
20240 Solaro
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